Boarding Soon!

Skyline IFE is delighted to reveal news of their forthcoming online IFE Film Library facility for Skyline IFE clients which is on the runway for release on

Skyline IFE specialises in sourcing high quality World Cinema and their online library will showcase a wide selection of films, available in multiple langauages and genres, for the enjoyment of discerning passengers as they fly the skies.

Skyline IFE clients will be able to browse, search and preview hundreds of distinctive and often eclectic films, including new releases, early window, and late window titles - many of which offer attractive discounts.

Now that's a very desirable inflight film entertainment service!

Richard Barsby, director of Skyline IFE, explains 'We continually strive to offer our clients a service which is a cut above the rest and we believe that our investment in this facility will enable us to do so. Our clients will have secure access to user-friendly, value-added functionality which will make their informed selection process for inflight film entertainment become a streamlined and enjoyable experience.'

Airlines and Content Service Providers interested in utilising this high-flying film search engine are invited to contact Skyline IFE as soon as possible so that they can pre-register for this VIP service.

Press and other media enquiries to please. Thank you for your interest.

Skyline IFE: Your search for inspiring Inflight Entertainment Films is on the runway...!